A team of experienced gym club owners, and meet directors dedicated to building event styled meets that GIVE BACK.  Our mission is simple - build meets that are exciting, fun and rewarding while providing opportunities to give back to local as well as global causes and communities.

This Season - 
Lets Make Some History!


The Paws for a Cause Invitational is not an ordinary meet, it is not an ordinary event and it is not an ordinary fundraiser.  

The Paws for a Cause Invitational IS an extraordinary meet, an amazing event and a beautiful bit of human engineering designed to raise money for an incredible cause.  


The success of our first two seasons resulted in donations of over $60,000.00 to families, American Veterans and childrens causes.  As a direct result of each athlete, each coach and each gym's participation in this special event, the lives of children, their families and American Veterans have been and continue to be changed and enriched.  As the summer progresses, these families and Veterans will be traveling to 4 Paws for Ability, where they will meet and participate in the training of their service companion.  

Frequently, media carries stories of how service dogs can perform amazing feats that almost defy human comprehension.  The dogs entering these families lives will certainly live up to that high bar and will, without a doubt, bring piece of mind, security, safety and joy into the lives of these families!

For the 2018 season, Ultimate Gym Sports has again teamed up with 4 Paws for Ability to improve the lives of children and Veterans with special needs. To accomplish this we continue to improve

- The Paws for a Cause Invitational -

Proceeds from this event will again be used to provide service dogs for children who need them.  A portion of EVERY entry will be used to provide these children, service dogs! Each of these highly trained / task-trained companions cost more than $25,000 to certify and place.  Families selected by 4 Paws For Ability work diligently to raise a portion of the funds required to provide their child with a much needed service companion.  YOUR participation in this competition will complete the financing for a number of these families - EACH of you will be helping a family reach its goal and provide their child with independence, safety and security.  Each competitor, each coach, and each attendee will be directly responsible for improving the life of a child in need.  

Its time for you and your gymnasts to compete for many who cannot.  Lets see just how far we can exceed a successful 2014-2017 and see just how many children and families we can help in 2018!

As the children and families we have the good fortune of helping proceed into and through their training, post meet follow-up will provide participating gyms with information and stories about the lives they touched and improved.  

Positive feedback can be a powerful tool in young lives.